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Good Luck and Good Night

Sun Sep 28, 2014, 3:24 AM

[this post is an edited version from my blog version.]

I've noticed something since 9-11 happened. No, this post is not about that event, or anything directly dealing with it. That event is merely when my notice, which lead to this post, first began to take shape. If you are already rolling your eyes, then fuck off, this post is beyond your ken. I mean it. Fuck off and leave now. Any response to this with commentary about 9-11 will be blatantly ignored. First and only warning.

The 'truther' label, has been evermore present in mass-media. In news about sports teams. In news about medical issues and specific medical personnel. In news about the VA scandal. In news about terrorists and Islam and 'lone wolves' and the always popular bringing up of any and all conspiracies - So many in fact, that it has become a cartoon joke to even bother trying to sift through it all without rolling our eyes and taking a hammer to our televisions, computers, and phones.

Truthers, as they are painted in all guises and demographics, as a label, has become synonymous with 'assholes'.

Seriously, when have you sat and read ONE single article, or watched ONE single mass-media video coverage item, ANYWHERE, that does not invoke the 'truther' moniker in hushed tones, like these people are Sith lords, or crackpots, or just plain wrong headed. When was the last time that a 'truther' was held up as a paragon of reason, honor, and heartfelt sincerity in the media?

I don't believe that every single person who claims to be a "truther' - regardless of their methodology, their ideology, or their spirituality, are sincere, or even sane people. Some of these people are bat shit insane, and they merely want attention - any kind of attention. Others are well-intentioned idiots who are deluded or otherwise misinformed, and feel the need to expel the extra air inside their lungs to justify and vindicate their own twisted visions of how the world works. Still others simply want to stir the pot and munch popcorn while we sort through the turds of their mind games.

Yeah, people really are that fucked up. If you don't believe that, then it is merely because you have not had the displeasure of meeting one of these people. But, dear readers, who live way up in the clouds, fear not - you will. Simply a matter of time. If you live long enough, you'll meet one of these idiots. Simple numbers.

However [wait for it...] not ALL of them are crazy. Not ALL of them are lying. Not ALL of them are misinformed. SOME of them, a small few, a 10th of a 10th of a 10th???? They are telling the truth.

And there it is, friends. All it takes is ONE of them to be correct.

All it takes is for ONE of these people to be telling the actual, unfiltered, 100% unvarnished truth.

All it takes, is ONE person - unafraid of reprisal - unafraid of ridicule [the mother of all murderers] - unafraid to lose friends, family, jobs - unafraid of ANYONE or ANYTHING, to come out of the 'woodwork' that we walk underneath but ignore, and everything is changed.


And thus, in the telling of it, ONE person paints ALL OF US, into a very dark corner we don't like very much. It's not comfy. It's not a 45 minute crime drama on TV where a mastermind is stopped by 2 nerds with a lab and a blank check. It's not pleasurable to know the truth sometimes.

We, as a species, REALLY don't wanna deal with shit. Someone else will do it for us.

If not US, then WHO?

We tell ourselves stupid shit like 'better minds will solve this' or 'doctors are smarter than I am, and they know what they are doing'.

I don't think most of you really believe that, and, if you do, then you really are incapable of critical thinking, and are lost. Truly lost. You serve no further purpose, save to denude an already rag-tag gene pool long bereft of promise. Sad but true.

My questions then, for you, dear readers, those of you who have the BALLS to still be with me, are these:

When did seeking, demanding, or otherwise adhering to the TRUTH become a badge of shame?

Why is telling the truth the newest spin on 'crackpot' and 'nut job'?

Since when is telling the truth wrong? Why are WE [all of us you self-righteous nitwit] so affronted by uncomfortable truths? How did we get here? How did men like Edward Snowden, for good or ill, become the newest face of evil? How did hearing the straight shit, shot into our closed grey-matter teacups, become the scourge of public sensibility?

How did abject NONSENSE become the NORMAL?

I don't have religion in my life. This isn't about that. This post is stemming from my basic grasping of the fundamentals of acceptable behavior patterns within the society I was born into, raised up through, and currently reside in.

I was taught, despite the chaos of my youth, that telling the truth is what makes a man, an actual MAN. I was taught that telling the truth separates us from the heathens, the criminals and the outcasts. I was taught that being honest makes life easier.

Well [again...wait for it] That teaching IS a lie. Flat-out bullshit!

Telling the truth is hard. It exhausts you. It makes you worry. It makes your head hurt. It makes you rotate scenarios over and over in your mind, about how people will treat you, about how people will view you, and, above all, it makes you question your own spine. Telling the truth is hard work, when everyone and everything surrounding you IS A LIE.

Many parents teach their children that lying is exhausting. They impart to their offspring that it takes a lot of focus and energy to keep up a lie, because the more you lie, the more you HAVE TO LIE, to KEEP THE LIE ALIVE.

That also, is bullshit! There are people [1 in 5 - this is a LITERAL, WORLD-WIDE STATISTIC] who never bat an eye, and lie about things you would think so absurd, you would wonder aloud what the point is.

Lying is not hard for people when they have something to gain by doing it. Lying to people is not hard when you have absolutely no care in the world for the person or people you are lying to. Lying is as easy as taking a shit in cave. If you want to do it, you are gonna do it. PERIOD.

We lie to ourselves ALL OF THE TIME. We lie to ourselves about our fitness goals. We lie to ourselves about our aging bodies. We lie to ourselves about our moral choices, or our political reasoning, or our desires and fetishes and any manner of things. We lie to ourselves as a way to soothe the nagging voice of reality that speaks at ALL hours of day or night - at the end of this circus called life, which says, in a mocking tone we create in our own minds:

WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL. Zero. Nada. As powerless as ANTS when the Orkin Man comes over for a murder spree. We are, ultimately, in the end...NOTHING but mammals, waiting to die and feed the worms.

We lie to each other to spare hurt and anger, and to avoid consequences. We lie to each other to sway opinions or cause harm between foes. We lie to each other for the sheer glee of fucking with someone's mind. We lie to each other for profit. For supremacy. FOR THE RULE OF ALL WE THINK WE KNOW.

What is the point, my friends? What gain is there to just keep telling yourselves, your loved ones and your friends, that ALL POLITICIANS are honorable, noble people who care about you, your concerns, and your family?

What is the point of assuming that your voice DOES ANYTHING. AT ALL. When did hands become blogs? When did REVOLUTION become a bad word?

Do you, any of you, honestly, fully, believe that politicians, regardless of location, are incapable of rape, murder, theft, and all the other nonsense we all deal with? Are you willfully stupid, or are you retarded?


I have to assume that your abilities of reason, common sense, and honor are somehow stunted, thus being RETARDED from their full potential, from lack of use? They are atrophied, stunted. ASLEEP AT THE FUCKING WHEEL!!!!!

Are you stoned? Are you afraid?

Deep down, you, me, we all know that, somewhere in the chain of events that we call life, at some point, if not already, [then hold on because it's GONNA happen regardless of how you FEEL about it], we are being steered. We are being misled. We are, in fact, being EATEN ALIVE by lies.

The time for hatred of skin color - of hatred of sexual preference - of hatred of net worth - of hatred of religion...The time for this horseshit should have been long past us by now.

We are a reasoning species. We are not a reasonable species . I want to know why. What do you think?

Telling the truth is revolutionary in these times. I am a revolutionary. There, I said it. Don't like it? I don't give a fuck. Accept reality, or be eaten by it. Your choice. Your circus. Your fate is in your hands.

- mids

P.S. I will never post another journal on this site again. EVER. Period.



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